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Print and online news – is like – Coke and Sprite .. different animals

I can understand, sometimes, the reluctance of old media to jump into the new media world with both feet but sometimes you come across statements that make you wonder if some of these old media dinosaurs even have a clue.

Take for example this beaut of a statement from Editor-in-Chief Christian Ortner, from the Austrian regional newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten, when asked why his newspaper maintains two totally separate identities for the print and the online versions.

VN has two separate brands for online and print, so management believes they deserve separate teams. “You can’t work for Coca-Cola and Sprite at the same time,” explains Editor-in-Chief Christian Ortner, speaking in session 5 of theWorld Editors Forum, “Integration: the latest experiments in a multi-platform age.”

“You need to concentrate on that one brand,” he adds.

via Editors Weblog

Two separate brands. Even putting aside the ridiculousness of the Coke and Sprite argument the idea in this day and age the idea that an editor still thinks of the single newspaper brand as two separate identities is wrong.