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CollegeHumor Team Launches Comedy Site ‘Jest.com’

Jest Website

CollegeHumor Media on Monday announced the launch of a brand new comedy site called Jest.com. The new offering is a “social comedy site” that features original content created by Jest’s staff of award-winning writers and performers along with funny content curated and aggregated from around the internet.

According to CollegeHumor reps the site is geared towards the 18-49 year-old crowd and will include archived videos offerings from new and classic full television show episodes including The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock among others.

The site uses proprietary technology to collect comedic content from hundreds of sources including YouTube and Hulu, technology that has already provided the new comedy site with more than 50,000 videos.

According to PRNewsWire:

The first of the “Jest Originals,” topical videos written, created and produced by the Jest.com staff, to debut will be “IKEA Breakup Room” which details a new (fictitious) spot in IKEA stores where couples can fight and, if necessary, receive break-up counseling.

Speaking about the site’s goal CollegeHumor Media CEO Paul Greenberg noted:

“CollegeHumor’s expertise is getting people to watch funny videos instead of doing something productive,” while adding, “Thanks to Jest, we can now reach an entirely new audience and start wasting their time too.”

The Jest.com website is being led by Jest Editor-in-Chief Jeff Rubin who previously served as the Executive Editor for CollegeHumor.com

Helping launch the Jest.com website is a fully branded AXE Hair campaign.