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Reddit Polls Userbase About Possible Redditcon


Would you travel to your nearest major city to meet up with other Reddit users?

That’s the question the site posed to users today on their blog and in a highly-trafficked post on the site itself. 700-ish Redditors (update: 860+) have already responded to the question, which post author cupcake1713 says is in part inspired by Reddit’s viral involvement in last fall’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, involving Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

In typical Reddit-admin fashion, the details of the potential gathering- dubbed Redditcon- are being left up to the community. Cupcake1713 says:

I’ll be honest–even after months of discussion, we still aren’t really sure in what direction we want to take this. We have a lot of great ideas, but it really all depends on the kind of response we get from the reddit community (i.e. how many of you would actually show up) and what is your idea of an ideal redditcon experience.

As for location, suggestions are solicited from the community:

In regard to where this would take place, we have a few locations in mind: San Francisco (or the surrounding area), New York City (or the surrounding area), Chicago, Austin, or Seattle. Bear in mind that these places are not set in stone and we’re open to suggestion (but please be realistic… according to the recent survey results, the aforementioned places have the highest populations of redditors).

User reaction is thus far mixed, but the potential meetup could be huge for the rapidly growing site.