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HuffPo Taps Precocious Teen Reporter For New High School Vertical

The Huffington Post hiring spree continues unabated, with news that a relatively well-known 17-year-old media wunderkind has been selected to lead the network’s yet-to-be-described high school vertical.

The role of teens in such media has recently been a hot topic- evidenced by muckraker Michael Moore’s campaign to encourage high school reporting. And Arianna Huffington has been on a bit of a talent-scouring spree lately, adding to several channels and poaching two recently shedded talents from Oprah’s OWN network.

What we do know about the kid is that his name is Myles Miller, he’s 17, and he’s from the Boogie Down Bronx. Miller has- at an age where my greatest accomplishments included managing to rollerblade over rough terrain in Daisy Dukes that could be as classified indecent in 37 states, injury free- covered Barack Obama’s inauguration and worked on CBS’s The Early Show, for starters

Miller will be Associate Editor with the HuffPo high schooler channel, but little else is known about his role or what planned content within the venture will look like, other than it will be generated by and aimed toward the teen demographic.

You jelly, struggling recent J-school grads?