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Facebook and Spotify Get Cozy, Announce Upcoming Integration Plans

Facebook Spotify Partnership

Facebook and Spotify took to the F8 Conferences main stage on Thursday to officially announced their long awaiting partnership.

Speaking at the conference Spotify CEO Daniel Ek explained why the new setup was so attractive for his company. Ek revealed that Facebook users choosing the Spotify system tend to listen to a wider variety of music and are twice as likely to pay for the ads-free Spotify service compared to non-Facebook integrating users.

Ek also revealed that the new integration will make it easier than ever to discover music from a listeners friends base, while music sharing will be more integrated into users lives.

Under the new system users will soon see Spotify songs popping up in their news feeds where they can be played without leaving the Facebook portal.

Here’s a great demonstration of the system put together by the Spotify team:

This new partnership comes just 24 hours after Spotify officially announced that they have reached the 2 million paying users milestone including 400,000 paying U.S. customers since the service launched just three short months ago.