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Pandora Rolls Out Sleek New HTML5 Interface, Improves Social Sharing And Removes Listening Cap

Pandora Launches HTML5 Music Player

Pandora on Tuesday rolled out a new HTML5 version of their popular music streaming service.

According to the official Pandora Blog:

“For the last two months, we’ve been gradually rolling a preview of the new site out to our listeners, taking their feedback, fixing bugs and making improvements here and there,” while addind, “With all those little fixes and refinements in place, today we’re rolling out the new site for everyone.”

One of the biggest features to roll out is the removal of a 40-hour listening cap. Under the old system users could only listen to 40 hours of music per month at which point they were shut out of the system.

Pandora has also rolled out a new social feed option which provides stations with their own URLs, making it super simple to share stations on Twitter, Facebook and through email. Pandora says the new social aspect will “roll out slowly over the course of the coming days.”

Pandora has also announced that their premium service Pandora One can now be picked up for just $36 per year, an option that removes ads, provides higher quality music streams and even offers custom skins for users who want to make Pandora their own.

After dropping 11% of their value last week thanks to a revamped iHeartRadio system the company really needed some good platform news and so far it looks promising.