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XBox TV Touted as Newest Cable Box Replacement

xbox cable box

Microsoft is reportedly getting cozy with Comcast and Verizon in an effort to bring XBox into the booming streaming TV market.

The chatter comes from the blog Digiday, which cites anonymous sources in disclosing that the three services are looking into hooking up and providing cable television without the need to sit at home all day and wait for the installation guy to not show up. Rumors are a bit all over the place though, as Digiday details. The blog said that Microsoft is also propositioning TV manufacturers like Samsung to perhaps create a built-in Windows Live gaming hub on web-accessible TVs. (The site also says that there’s still a bit of Hulu flirtation going on as well, as the service could compliment the XBox initiatives rumored at the company.)

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Neither Verizon nor Comcast commented on the alleged machinations, but a Microsoft spokesman coyly said:

“As we announced at E3, we are committed to bringing TV entertainment to Xbox around the world through partnerships with industry leading operator and content partners. We look forward to sharing more partner news in the near future, but we have nothing to announce at this time.”

One of the sources who spilled to Digiday says that the deals could come within the month.