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Cablevision Exec Says He’d Love to Sell Netflix as an Add-On Service

Well, of course- why not take a cut where you can get one?

Still, it’s a bit of an interesting talking point and an indicator that companies like Cablevision are starting to think more aggressively forward in integrating- rather than tepidly competing with- streaming services like Netflix. At an investment conference with Bank of America/Merrill Lynch late last week, Cablevision COO Tom Rutledge told attendees that he would be very interested in offering Netflix as an add-on service to Cablevision subscribers.

Rutledge didn’t limit his suggestions to Netflix, although the streaming service was the first one he mentioned by name:

“I’d love to sell Netflix as a service on my cable system… Why not? There are other things I’d love to sell a la carte and I think I could sell deep penetration of products with our marketing capabilities. A la carte would be the most preferential way. I don’t see the word breaking up, though, into an a la carte scheme in the near future.”

Rutledge said the company would have the physical capability to stream services like Netflix in the not too distant future, and he envisions the potential partnership making devices dedicated to facilitating the process obsolete:

“We’re moving rapidly to make that technology work even better and we think within a matter of months we’ll have a very robust system where customers can take their Netflix product, whether they have a device that carries Netflix or not, or Hulu or any other over-the-top service and put it on the TV.”

The COO added that the focus was to stream all internet content to “all the screens in the house.”