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News Corp Launches ‘The Daily’ in the UK, Mostly US Content

News Corp. has brought its iPad newspaper app The Daily to the UK “quietly,” the Guardian reports.

The app has been available in the iTunes store for about a week in the UK, and launched about seven months after its US debut. Encompassing standard newspaper sections like Gossip, News, Politics, Opinion and Sports, and is priced at £0.69 for The Daily daily and £27.99 for an yearly subscription. (In the US, it’s priced at $0.99 and $39.99 respectively.)

So what are UK customers getting for their nearly 30 quid each year? Not all that much relevant to their location, the Guardian says:

It includes stories on Republican party politics, a fire in Minnesota and US house repossessions, with a two-week free trial sponsored by mobile operator Verizon Wireless, which does not have a consumer-facing business in the UK. The adverts are also from the US edition, including Fox TV series Terra Nova and the Droid 4G smartphone.

Indeed, it’s a bit confusing that the app would not be tweaked even slightly for a UK market, and customers reviewing the app seemed to make the same observation often enough. One said:

“I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read about American gossip, American football or American politics.”

Another added:

“Obama is not our President. Don’t care. Don’t want this.”

At the close of the most recent quarter, The Daily had generated a $10M loss for News Corp.