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YouTube Adds Quick-Fix Editing Features to Simplify Changes to Uploaded Videos

edit videos on youtube

In the past, editing a YouTube video after it was published would require a re-upload, causing links to break and interrupting a clip’s popularity.

But that is changing with an announcement from the company on their blog that users will henceforth be able to edit videos with a quick-fix that leaves the link and the video itself intact aside from the edits. Now users who wish to add to, cut from or otherwise enhance a video can do so far more easily through YouTube. The streaming site has included a Picasa-esque “I’m feeling lucky” function that will apply a range of subtle improvements, or users can hand-select the edits to apply to their already-posted clip.

For users, view counts and comments will most likely not be affected, but the post stipulates:

…if you don’t like the new version, fear not: you can revert to the original and save again. You can also save your edits into a new video and try out multiple versions. Note that popular videos with over 1,000 views and videos with third-party content can only be saved as new videos once edited.

Among the editing tools are color enhancement functions, image stabilization and a rotate function for the odd video that required head-tilting. The function was rolled out globally through the day Wednesday, and you can view a short clip describing the editing features, below: