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Hulu Negotiations Could Be ‘Threatened’ by Single Touch Patent Filing

Single Touch Systems, a mobile media company that holds 140 patents in the market, have sent “Letters of Notification” to streaming video companies including Netflix, Disney and Hulu claiming ownership of certain technologies used by the companies to stream media to mobile devices.

In a September 12th press release, the company announced the acquisition of US Patent 8,015,307 for “System and Method for Streaming Media” back on September 6th, 2011. Single Touch Systems adds that the new patent “further strengthens an already robust streaming media patent portfolio.” The Letters of Notification informed the popular streaming companies that Single Touch Systems is in possession of US Streaming Media patents including US Patents 7,054,949; 7,191,244 and 7,689,706 as well as the “impending issuance of US Patent 8,015,307.”

Hulu is currently in the midst of a high-profile round of bidding, and a patent dispute could harm the company’s perception- and ultimately value- if the issue persists. In the release, Anthony Macaluso, Single Touch Systems’ Chair and Chief Innovation Officer, outlined the basics of the company’s claim:

“We believe our streaming media patents cover audio, video and data services currently offered by a variety of recognizable companies in the United States… Services offered by these companies might include anything that communicates from a device, of any type, to a set top box or to a tablet such as Apple’s iPad family of products, Research In Motion’s Playbook, or Samsung’s Galaxy.”

Macaluso continued:

“Additionally, the service provided could be as simple as a conference call, where users enter a code to join WebEx, for instance, and the service utilizes a user identification number or reservation.”

Macaluso added that the companies should reach out to Single Touch Systems and “probably have a conversation sooner rather than later.”