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Reddit Releases Redditor Survey Results

Hey everyone, 30% of Reddit has a girlfriend!

Well, maybe a boyfriend. Rapidly-growing social aggregator reddit has surveyed 30,000 of the users of the popular aggregator, releasing some of the collected demographic data in a handy CSV file. In a blog post, professional redditor jenakalif slices and dices a bit of the user info culled in the Who in the World is reddit Survey, which began in July and is still accepting submissions.

While the foreveralone meme is closely associated with the recently liberated site, as cited above, 30% of users are forced to hide their reddit searches from a significant other of some description, according to the data collected. The blog post by reddit also addresses the issue of favorite subreddits (seen in the chart below) as well as what cheese redditors would prefer to be were they born a cheese. (“Other” topped the list, with cheddar, brie and provolone coming in second, third and fourth.)

As it may sometimes seem, reddit skews heavily male in its user base- user generated charts indicate that the number hovers at about an 80% dudes in any given demographic. (This actually meets the clinical definition of a sausage fest.) But that also means the site is a veritable smorgasbord of geeky men for geeky girls, with a 12:1 ratio of single male redditors to single female redditors.

Redditors have gone to town on the data, breaking it down by income level, location, redditor population density and animal preference. If you don’t feel like parsing the clumsy spreadsheet data yourself, you can check out some of the user-generated graphs on the reddit thread itself.