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Want To Charge For Your Publication? Release Tablet Based Content

Financial Times on iPad

Charging for content these days can be a hard sell unless you’re the New York Times or another equally large or respected company (Wired, WSJ) but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a paid subscriber base, you just have to build an iPad or Android tablet application.

A recent survey conducted in the UK has found that tablet’s have become the preferred platform for paid content, surpassing traditional PC subscribers for the very first time.

Information for the findings come from the ninth annual Content & Trends Census which was performed by the Association of Online Publishers. The study found that 42% of publishers realize iPad’s and other tablets to be a far better content subscription method, up from just 19 percent one year earlier.

That same study found that only 35 percent of publishers believed website subscriptions were better, down from 38 percent in 2010.

Respondents said mobile platforms that were built specifically for tablet and Smartphone based devices offered users with optimization that they don’t find on websites, providing them with a reason to purchase a subscription based application for their tablet devices.

The report also found that nine of out ten publishers have now optimized their websites for mobile use however only 6% of publishers consider mobile the primary platform for their paid content, while 94% said iPad and other tablet devices were the future of paid content.

The survey also found that micro-payments and freemium content will increase across the mobile landscape over the next year.

Are you willing to pay for iPad and other tablet optimized content?