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News Corp To Establish New Online Sports & Celeb Site In UK

News Corp division News International is developing a new online publication targeting sports and celebrity gossip, following its closure of the scandal ridden News of the World.

According to a report at the Guardian,
21 jobs have been advertised inside News for a new “digital journalism company” with 19 editorial positions.

Celebrity news dominates many UK news sites, with the Daily Mail in particular gaining huge page views through its “tits and arse” obsessive celebrity coverage.

News Corp has the marketing clout in the UK to get a new site (or mulitple sites) not only up and running, but potentially as serious players in the market, particularly via its tabloid The Sun.

That said, the company has at best a mixed past in online development and acquisitions, with MySpace being its biggest disaster.

Further information about the new site (or sites) was not released by the company.