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Tumblr Growth Intensifies, Platform Nears 10 Billionth Post

Social blogging platform Tumblr may get less attention than more singularly-focused entities- the microblogging site Twitter, for instance, the social network Facebook, or the blogging and CMS platform WordPress- but the company’s explosive growth over the past year is likely to attract a bit more attention.

It’s no surprise the more socially-geared site has taken off in a big way, particularly of late (most of the site’s growth has been during the summer of 2011.) Tumblr features some of the most attractive attributes of all three popular services mentioned above, with excellent structural support for sharing in several formats. The platform lends itself well to simple written posts as well as video or image entries, and the social aspect makes it easy and nearly addictive to share content on the site. An extremely sophisticated set of templates adds potential for Tumblr to be used quite effectively for business and professional sites, in addition to the personal hooks mentioned above.

As the platform nears its ten billionth post, Royal Pingdom cites roughly 37.5 million posts published daily to Tumblr- a staggering number they break down into some equally impressive stats, working the traffic out across different units of time.

  • 434 posts per second
  • 26,000 posts per minute
  • 1.56 million posts per hour
  • 263 million posts per week
  • 1.1 billion posts per month
  • 13.7 billion posts per year

It’s estimated Tumblr clocks 12.5 billion pageviews per month, a figure expected to double in the coming months, doubling again by the nine-month mark.