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Oprah to Sit Down For Facebook Live-Stream

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey, now helming the newbie network OWN, will appear in a live-streamed video with Facebook late next week.

In addition to the interview- which will take place at Facebook’s headquarters- the big O will be sitting down with new media luminaries including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Rosenblatt of Demand Media, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner.

While Oprah has long been a massive influential force on television and print, the topic of discussion for the sit-down will be OWN’s flagging traffic stats. The site, a joint venture with Discovery Communications, has seen a drop-off in traffic since Oprah left the small screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

Traffic for the site, which is part of Winfrey’s OWN joint venture with Discovery Communications, has declined since her daytime talk show ended in May, the paper said. It cited comScore data showing 5.1 million unique users in January, but only 2.4 million in July.

THR adds that the post-interview meeting is slated to take place at Sandberg’s home, where Oprah will discuss new media with the other guests and try to glean strategies for transmuting her old media dominance to the medium. Execs from Hearst, the publisher of O Magazine, and Harpo, Oprah’s TV production company, will be present alongside Oprah for the pow-wow.