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Google, Fox News Team Up to Host Presidential Debate

Right here would be the place for a cheap “don’t be evil” joke, but I’ll let you fill in the blank.

Google, via YouTube, is teaming up with… newschannel… Fox News to host a presidential debate for GOP candidates later this month. The debate will pose YouTube-submitted questions to candidates, a format first explored by the streaming site with CNN in 2007.

YouTube users will be able to participate through Fox News’ YouTube channel, and viewers will be promoted to vote on the submitted questions ahead of the September 22nd event. A statement from Fox says the network will “use the votes to help choose which questions are posed to the candidates” during the debate at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Michael Clemente, senior vice president of news editorial at Fox, commented on the joint venture:

“For access to news and information, it’s hard to imagine two more powerful brands than Fox News and Google, which is why we are proud to partner with a leader in global technology. The strength and reach of both should ensure a thorough and engaging debate that anyone can participate in.”

The statement from Fox also indicated that Google search trends will be displayed on-air “to help provide context to the questions and inform the debate throughout the evening.”