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YouTube Launches Movie Rentals in Canada

youtube rentals canada

The internet’s largest video site has a movie rental service, you know- a service which is now available in Canada. (As well as the US, YouTube reminds us in a blog post.)

The service expanded its library of titles in the US in May to about 3,000, and will launch in Canada with about 1,000 titles, the company indicated in the September 1st announcement. Next to competitors Netflix, Hulu and Vudu, the service looks a bit paltry- but after the late-spring announcement, YouTube’s Salar Kamangar hinted at further growth and expansion into international markets:

“By expanding our content partnerships worldwide and stimulating the success of budding filmmakers, artists and entrepreneurs, we’ll ensure that YouTube remains the best place for the world to see and discover rich talent. So stay tuned – there’s much more to come.”

The post from YouTube discusses some of the limited titles available on the Canadian YouTube site for rental:

Whether you want to rent a Canuck classics (available in Canada only) like Daydream NationManufactured Landscapes, or Hobo with a Shotgun, or a blockbuster new release like The Adjustment Bureau, or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, or Limitless you can find many of your favorites available to rent now atYouTube.ca/movies.

One advantage YouTube’s rental service has is a commitment-free rental structure- viewers who don’t wish to pay a monthly fee can rent the titles one by one for incidental viewing, provided the title they’re seeking is available. US rentals are viewable at youtube.com/movies.