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Amazon Expands Streaming Titles, Hints That DVDs Could Be on the Horizon

While it seems Netflix is doing everything in its power to focus on streaming and curb the physical media aspect of its business entirely, Amazon has hinted that it may actually move toward DVD rental as a way to grow its video on demand service.

It certainly seems bizarre that Amazon would approach the declining market when streaming is such a massive trend, but if pricing is competitive, Amazon could grab some market share from Netflix- especially in the wake of the controversial price increase coming September 1st. As always, the retail giant doesn’t provide numbers, but claims the opt-in rates for streaming video alone have been healthy so far:

Amazon’s director of physical and streaming video, Steve Oliver, vaguely commented:

“We’ve been growing steadily since launch… We’re looking to expand and continue to grow our title count, and improve the benefits that we offer our customers.”

When pressed about physical rentals, Oliver would only say:

“We’re always looking for ways to respond to what customers are looking for…We are always looking at opportunities that may exist, but I don’t have anything specific to announce on that front.”

Earlier this month, Amazon expanded their streaming library by double to more than 9,000.