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86% of Rich People Prefer Print Media, According to Survey

So, when the guillotines are finally dragged out and dusted off, it seems you may not be coming into possession of a shiny new gold-plated iPad after all.

The divide between the very wealthy, the more moderately wealthy and the rest of us has been a bit of a hot button topic lately- particularly with US-centric arguments ever raging about the extension of massive tax cuts on the people in the US with the most wealth. Super-rich and rich people are kind of viewed as an exotic and elusive species, living lives of excess and debauchery of which us plebes can only dream.

Of course, everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time, or something. Except unlike many of the rest of us nowadays, it seems the wealthy are quaintly lagging in one perplexing area- where they get their news and views. While the rest of us are largely migrating to the use of smartphones, tablets and similar devices- perhaps picking up a copy of InStyle at the dentist when our batteries give up- rich people tend to get their news predominantly on printed paper.

Yeah, old media is dead- unless you’ve got big bucks, it seems. According to a recent AdAge survey, a hefty 93% of the affluent read magazine-like content (like the stuff you get from Gawker) on paper. 86% still read newspapers! And the trend even holds for video content, which 94% of wealthy people still consume largely on television sets.

It’s often stated that the young- those who are still in the process of achieving and or accumulating wealth- are the main audience for new media. And the survey encompassed households that have income of more than $100,000 yearly- the 20% of America that has 70% of our net worth. The table below illustrates the breakdown, but old media won across the board for all types of content… have you found the statistics cited here to bear out in your observations?