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Storify Adds Slideshow View, Gives Users Embed And Share Options

Storify Slideshow view

Story curation service Storify has announced a new platform option which allows users to easily create a slideshow by simply adding  “/slideshow” to the end of any URL within their Storify creations.

After a slideshow is created users can then embed them into their blog post or article and share direct links to their slideshows with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Storify Embed Code

Joseph Stashko created a Steve Jobs curation and you can see it in slideshow format here: Steve Jobs Slideshow

According to Storify:

Slideshows were originally designed for TV, to make it easy to show a story on a monitor during a newscast or other show. But really, they could be used for anything – displays at live events such as conferences, or also for business and social media presentations created with Storify.

If you’re a website owner and you want to give your users extra information about any topic you cover you should definitely check out the Storify slideshow feature.