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MySpace Reboot Takes Aim at Spotify, iTunes

Zombie MySpace is coming back, says a new marketing director for the reforming and mostly dead social network, but this time around, the site isn’t aiming at futilely grabbing market share from Facebook.

In a move the A.V. Club calls “adorably plucky,” the eternally struggling network has set its sites on music once again, seeking to compete with iTunes, Spotify and Vevo in its newest incarnation as a hub in that vertical. MySpace’s new senior VP-global marketing Al Dejewski spoke to AdAge about the site’s new strategy, likening the transformations to adolescence:

“This young adult male needs to be put on a diet, we need to get it on P90X, clean its system and get back to its foundation. And we’ve found that foundation is music… No other music destination online today can claim the breadth of partnership we have with the four major music labels in addition to the tens of millions of independent artists and the libraries of their songs.”

Dejewski says MySpace hopes to fill a hole they see in the market with the new focus being implemented:

“When you think about the top 10 sites on ComScore, they all have a consumer-facing platform like YouTube or Yahoo or Facebook… Then you get to No. 6, and this weird company called Specific Media doesn’t really conjure any image in the mind’s eye for a consumer proposition.”

He continues:

“The people at Specific realize they’ve built this really successful digital network but they don’t really have anything for the consumer, so they’re looking for experts, whether it’s from P&G or Warner Bros. or me from Pepsi.”

Dejewski estimates MySpace has 70 million users per month globally, and 30 to 40 million in the US market. The relaunch is planned for later this year, will target both new and existing MySpace users and a mix of print, radio and digital outlets will be utilized to promote the revamp.