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Walmart’s Vudu Tops Amazon For Streaming Films, Study Says

Amazon has been edged out by Walmart’s Vudu in movie streaming market share for the first two quarters of 2011, a research report has revealed.

IHS Screen Digest reports that Vudu’s market share shot to 5.3% in Q1 and Q2 of 2011, compared with just 1% during the same period in 2010. While Apple topped the charts, moving up from 64.9 % to 65.8% in the first half of this year, Amazon trudged behind in fifth place at 4.2%, up from 4.0% over the previous period in 2010.

Walmart and Vudu’s gain came as another player, Sony, saw sharp declines in movie streaming users. Sony’s PlayStation Store fell from 8.2% to 4.4%- a steep drop-off the report’s author attributes to the devastating impact of the massive Sony hack earlier this year. Arash Amel commented:

“The Sony PlayStation store fell out of the top three rankings chiefly because [of] Vudu,” he said. “The global security breach that shut down Sony’s online gaming operations during the first half [of 2011] had a deleterious impact on the PlayStation store’s business.”

The report predicts total digital revenues of $487 million by the end of 2011.