|| Author: Kim LaCapria|

Ten Awesome Subreddits to Which You Should Subscribe

I find inevitably if someone tries Reddit and doesn’t get hooked on it, it’s because they never got the hang of customizing the site with the subreddits most relevant to their interests. For some people. it’s a bit too much like work to hunt around and tailor their Reddit experience- but if you’re a regular user, you know that a more targeted front page can actually make a few bits of your life easier as well as providing a geeky social outlet. (Like on r/foreveralone.)

Like anything you learn more about over time, finding the most interesting subreddits can be somewhat of process. But a few standout Reddits are worth subscribing to for most users- covering popular topics like food, Reddit itself and the walking dead. Here are a few of the best Reddits for some general purposes.


Not to get all meta, but it seems rarely a day goes by that this Reddit-based-Reddit doesn’t uncover a hidden gem. While it’s not specifically tailored to any one interest, chances are if you subscribe to r/pimpmyreddit, something you never knew you needed to be reading every 3 AM will appear before too long.


At 50,000 Redditors strong, it’s not like this is a well-kept secret Reddit. But the dry presentation of the problems of the privileged can be amusing- and also remind you that when the close on your custom-engraved real-redwood MacBook case snaps and knocks over your artisanal fair-trade half-soy half-caf latte, things aren’t so bad after all.


Hey, not every Reddit is aimed at higher discourse. And if you need a break from r/politics, and you are into checking out attractive men, this is your subreddit. You’re welcome.

r/mommit, r/dads and r/childfree

Been on the internet for five minutes? Then you know that one of the biggest sources of conflict anywhere on the web often rises from dissonance between parents and the people who are tired of hearing them run their mouths off about babies and every fluid or solid that emanates from tiny humans with force. Find your tribe among these three Reddits and post safely in the knowledge you won’t get flamed, whether you’ve decided to spawn or not.


A subreddit that needs no introduction- all zombies, all the time. Brilliant.

r/TwoXChromosomes and r/OneY 

No girls on the internet? Actually, it just looks that way because they’re all hanging out over at TwoX. Outnumbering the r/OneY crowd by about six to one, the women of Reddit flock to this estrogen-infused and hugely popular subreddit in far greater numbers than their male counterparts. But if you want to interface with people of the same gender, these two Reddits are the obvious choices.


Did you relate to Fry when he finally got to the front of the line for his EyePhone? r/shutupandtakemymoney is a subreddit devoted to the things we want to pour our cash out on for sport, status or fashion. Kind of like a r/ladyboners for shopping.

I’m pretty sure there are some must-see subreddits I’ve neglected to include- which Reddit is your favorite or most useful?