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Anti-Arianna Huffington Campaign Started By MessageSpace, Urges Bloggers To Write For Pay

MessageSpace - Arianna Huffington

The team at MessageSpace.co.uk isn’t happy with the treatment of bloggers at the Huffington Post, calling the platforms “free worker” campaign nothing short of “exploitation” which they plan to rectify with a new blogger offering of their own.

The company, which represents 30 of Britain’s most popular independent bloggers has paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds since starting just five years ago through the use of ad space selling, while in contrast Arianna Huffingston earned $315 million dollars through the sale of Huffington Post, while continually urging bloggers to work for free in order to develop an online presence for their brand which is usually their name (can you name 10 non-celebrity HuffPost bloggers? Yeah me either).

Realizing the potential to steal away many of Huffington’s top free bloggers the site is now urging bloggers to come and join their team where they can earn cash for the stories they generate every single day.

According to the site, bloggers don’t need a huge presence, just 1,000 pageviews per day or 200,000 pageviews annually is enough to get them in.

According to MessageSpace:

“We’re taking in the ‘long tail’,” and “You should see this as a story of a plucky British firm battling an AOL-backed Greek-American invader.”

The site plans to have 300 bloggers under their new structure which includes more advanced finance and administration systems.

Bloggers can apply to the program if they focus on politics, current affairs, news and options and if they have been established for at least three months with regular site updates, preferably on a daily basis.

Already part of the MessageSpace system are Slugger O’Toole, Caledonian Mercury and Guido Fawkes.