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AOL Huffington Post Media Group Announces Relaunch Of Stylelist.com

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AOL Huffington Post Media Group on Thursday announced the official relaunch of Stylelist.com, a website that focuses on the world of fashion and beauty, specifically working to enhance their readers personal sense of style.

The site is being run by style editor Priya Rao who most recently served as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal and he will be under the direct supervision of Anya Strzemien who helped launch HuffPost Style four years ago before departing the company. Strzemien will also oversee HuffPost Style and the soon to launch Stylelist Home where he will serve as the Editor-in-Chief.

Making the announcement site founder Arianna Huffington said:

“We’re delighted to relaunch Stylelist,” while adding, “The site has a new look, and a new focus on encouraging people to develop their own sense of style – so that they can become their own stylists. And because people love to express their opinions about fashion, we’re excited to bring theHuffPost commenting platform to Stylelist‘s engaged community members, allowing them to connect with each other and have their voices heard – weighing in on all things style, from who wore what to the Oscars to whether the latest trend is here to stay or will be gone tomorrow.”

AOL has relaunched the site with a new design and a new logo, while the sites platform uses Huffington Post technology for blogging and commenting.

According to the sites official press release:

Stylelist spotlights the latest trends, accessories, and style news from around the globe; runway and street looks; before and afters; celebrity photos; shopping guides; and blog posts from fashion experts and tastemakers. Bloggers will include Rachel Roy, Heidi Klum, Desiree Gruber, and Brandon Holley.

Among the sites features will be the “In the Market For” section which takes a close look at top fashion and beauty trends, “I Die For” which offers lists of must-have items and “Closet Case” which discusses tastemakers and what they like, don’t like and are currently wearing.

Site visitors looking to work on their own appearance will also fine makeover tips and other advice from artist Eve Pearl.

Speaking about the sites goals Anya Strzemien said:

“We’ll have fun covering fashion, while not losing sight of the fact that our users also want advice that’s useful and inspiring. Our coverage will run the gamut, and we’ll be starting conversations about style that will be spirited, incisive and entertaining.”

Priya Rao went on to add:

“We’re excited to spotlight style wherever we find it, whether it’s a celebrity who’s showing surprising confidence while wearing a bold look, or a person on the street who’s mixing up high and low fashion in an unexpected way.”

Also joining the Stylelist staff is Ms. Rao, Simone Kitchens, who was most recently Associate Beauty Editor at Lucky Magazine, she will serve as the Senior Beauty Editor while Jenny Kang, previously the Fashion Market Editor for Lucky Magazine will act as the sites Senior Style Editor.