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AOL Huffington Post Media Group Launches HuffPost Small Business Section

HuffPost Small Business
Another day, another website launch by AOL Huffington Post Group, this time the company has launched HuffPost Small Business which they promise will deliver interactive hubs for Entrepreneurs, Real-Time News, Video, Analysis and Community engagement, all fairly standard fare for HuffPost section.

The new section will be headed by Executive Editor Rod Kurtz is Executive Editor.
Announcing the launch was Peter S. Goodman, Executive Business Editor of AOL Huffington Post Media Group:
“Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and the key source of job growth,” while he added, “Our site aims to crystallize a crucial conversation about what they need to prosper. We will spotlight what is working and amplify concerns about what is impeding the growth so sorely needed. We seek to be the ultimate lens on this vital area of American commerce.”

Kurtz added:

“HuffPost Small Business is designed to be a one-stop-shop providing resources and advice for entrepreneurs at every stage. Given the exceedingly rapid pace of change in the economy today, small-business owners want news, analysis and information that speaks to their needs as quickly as possible. We’re also leveraging HuffPost’s unique engagement platform to build a place where business ideas and best practices can be shared. We’re looking to foster conversations that help entrepreneurs get started and take their businesses to the next level.”

In true Huffington Post fashion the site will not only feature small business news but stories from top business people, including a special section called “My First Million” where all-stars in the business world such as real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran share stories of their first big successes.

The new HuffPost Small Business section will also feature “Made in the USA” which will chronicle thriving small businesses through the United States. and “The Next Big Idea” which shows off “quirky” American product manufacturers.

You can check out HuffPost Small Business at: huffingtonpost.com/small-business/

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