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Yahoo! India Announces Free Advertiser Supported Bollywood Movies From Movieplex

Yahoo Movieplex Video Streaming Service

Forget streaming movies to your Netflix account, if you’re a fan of Bollywood movies you can now log into Yahoo! India’s Movieplex service and watch your favorite full-length Bollywood movies from leading studios and you can do it for free!

The new offering is part of the company’s attempt to create advertiser supported movie streaming options that circumvent the cost of purchasing monthly streaming movie services.

The announcement follows a recent YouTube Box Office announcement which allows for the same type of free Bollywood blockbusters streaming with top banners.

Among the movies included in the Yahoo! India offering are musical Rock On! and political drama Rann among many others.

According to Yahoo! India managing director Arun Tadanki:

“Over 30 million Internet users consume 1.7 billion videos every month across India (according to comScore January 2011 figures). Movieplex is an example of how Yahoo! connects people to what matters to them the most and Indian movie lovers now have the best full-length movies available to them at their convenience.”

Adding even more online appeal to the program is the ability for users to share their movie choices on Facebook and Twitter.