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Digital News Veteran Jim Brady Named Editor-In-Chief By Journal Register Company

Journal Register Newspaper

Digital news veteran Jim Brady has been named as editor-in-chief of the Journal Register Company, making the company the newest print organization to shift their focus to online publishing.

Under his tutelage Brady will control publications in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Ohio and Maine.

In a statement to the press CEO John Paton explained why Brady was given control of the company’s digital content:

“We must provide our audiences with original and compelling journalism – that is the power our established brands have in the digital space. Jim understands this.”

In March Brady jumped over to the Journal Register and helped them develop their digital platforms, a move the company said was part of their “digital first and print last” policy, the same stance UK publisher Guardian.co.uk recently announced.

Before moving to the Journal Register Brady was the founder and manager of TBD.com, a hyperlocal news project in Washington D.C. that introduced much of the business model now used for hyperlocal news agencies, including original reporting, local news aggregation and social media options.

When Brady left the site three months after launch it abandoned local news coverage in favor of a more broad approach.

Before founding TBD.com Brady was an executive editor for Washingtonpost.com for five years, a site he helped pioneer with reader comments, blogs, links to bloggers’ comments, major news events, multimedia capabilities and various other commonly used practices by today’s news services.