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Patch Latino To Launch This Fall, Already Hiring Local Reporters [Confirmed]

Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer, General Manager of AOL Latino confirmed on Monday that Patch Latino, the Latino brance of AOL’s hyperlocal news network will launch this fall and is already in the process of hiring journalists in select market.

Speaking to Portada, Ferrer revealed some interesting tidbits about AOL’s Patch Latino project, one of the company’s first Latino projects to be offered in the Spanish language (HuffPost LatinoVoices which just launched in the last week covers Latino issues but is written in English).

According to Miguel:

“It will start with a few Spanish-language site that aim to provide local news and community features, helping Spanish-dominant Hispanics better engage with the larger civic and social community in which they reside. The relationship with AOL Latino will be close; with AOL Latino focusing on national, international and major US city news, and Patch Latino focusing on what is taking place in its local geography.”

Ferrer says AOL isn’t yet announcing where Patch Latino sites will launch first when the site goes live, although he does admit that Southern California will in some way be covered.

When asked about the hiring process he says that the AOL Latino and Patch teams are working together to spot top notch local reporters who can help launch the site with the best community outreach available.

Finally Ferrer says the new sites will feature written articles, videos and photos, all which add depth to stories, however the focus will still be on the written word which he says helps keep true to the perspective of each story.

No exact release date for Patch Latino has been announced but hopefully for AOL it goes better than the slow to take off HuffPost UK launch.