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Rebekah Brooks Officially Resigns From All News Corp. Positions

Rebekah Brooks

Bye bye Rebekah. News Corp. employee Rebekah Brooks is now a former employee after she official resigned from all of her various posts at the company.

As previously reported Brooks was relieved of her duties at News of the World when the publication was shut down by company CEO Rupert Murdoch, however she stayed on the company’s payroll where she held 23 different directorships.

The end of her career at News Corp came on Thursday when she resigned from her last roles as the director of News International (Advertisements division) Ltd, NI Free Newspapers Ltd, Times Literary Supplement Ltd and Times Newspapers Holdings Ltd.

News of her resignations came from the Guardian.co.uk, you may recall that it was that publications very own Nick Davies who broke the phone hacking scandal that caused News Corp. to lose more than 20% of their stock value in a one week period.

The publication points out that while she is still listed as director of the PA Group, Tom Mockridge has already been nominated to take over that role, he will transition into the position soon.

It’s still unclear if the UAL (University of the Arts London) will revoke her honorary fellowship which they gave “in recognition of her achievements in journalism and the media, which include her appointment as The Sun’s first female editor in 2003 and her work as a founder member of the organisation Women in Journalism.” The school says they will not make a decision while an active police investigation is still undergoing.