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Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Fark Settled

Aggregator Fark has settled a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Gooseberry Natural Resources LLC in January 2011.

The lawsuit alleged that Fark, along with Digg, Reddit, AOL and a range of other sites infringed upon a patent that covered a method for inputting news releases into a web form, which would then compile the news release and email it to media outlets.

Fark owner Drew Curtis said in a post on Fark that the company making the claim had dropped the claim after he met with them to negotiate a settlement.

“Their patent had nothing to do with Fark. The patent troll realized we were going to fight them instead of settle, so they asked for our best offer. I said how about you get nothing and drop the lawsuit? They accepted.”

Curtis went on to say that the process had been a nightmare, and as much as he would have liked to have made a counterclaim against the company, doing so was “too expensive–as in a couple million dollars too expensive, years of legal wrangling, and no guarantee of recovering all of the spent money by the time it was over.”