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Hulu Announces Plans to Launch in Japan

On demand video streaming service Hulu announced plans today to bring the service to its first market outside the US, selecting Japan (not the United Kingdom) for its international debut.

Hulu, owned by Disney, NBC Universal and News Corp. and currently available only in the US and select territories, disclosed the expansion to Japan in a post on its official blog- citing long-term plans to bring the service to other countries. In the post, Hulu was deliberately vague on details, but confirmed a 2010 launch for the Hulu service as well as its availability on multiple devices:

With the launch of Hulu’s Japanese subscription service, for the first time entertainment fans in Japan will have access to a large selection of premium feature films and popular TV shows at any time, on four screens (PCs, TVs, mobile phones, and tablets), for one monthly price. We are not announcing further details of the product offering at this time (we have to leave something to the imagination, right?) but we will share the specifics when we launch.

Among the reasons the company cited in selecting Japan as a first foray outside the US was extensive ability of broadband on Japanese shores, pervasive adoption of the proper technology across the population to stream Hulu videos, strong interest in premium video content and a space they say lacks premium content providers to meet consumer demand.

Pricing for plans in the Japan market as well as content breakdown information will be forthcoming, and Hulu directed users to sign up at hulu.jp for additional details when they become available.