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Ben Stiller to Bring ‘Tropic Thunder’ Fake Trailer Project to Web

Comedic actor, writer and director Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Digital has some exciting web content-related news for fans of the actor’s “Frat Pack” style of films, particularly 2008’s Tropic Thunder.

One of the aspects of the film that amused moviegoers the most was the series of fake trailers featured in the action-film satire, and Red Hour Digital plans to pull together some big names and bring 12 of the fake titles as trailers to release over the web. The series will be released one per week in a 12-week series, but no distribution channel has yet been announced for the project. The release of the fake trailers is set to start late this fall or early in winter, according to industry sources.

Stiller has always been effusive about distributing content over the web- in an interview last fall, he gushed:

“I believe the internet is a magical gateway to make all our dreams come true. Red Hour is also developing a new flying jet pack and a teleportation system to travel through time. But for now, we are concentrating on making funny videos to watch while people are pretending to work.”

Through Red Hour Digital, Stiller will produce the shorts with Stuart Cornfeld and Mike Rosenstein, and Robert Cohen will produce and direct some of the fake trailers. Ben Garant, Amy Heckerling and Justin Theroux are expected to contribute to the project.