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Demand Media Signs Three-Year Global Advertising Deal With Google

Richard Rosenblatt - Demand Media CEO

Despite Google Panda taking a huge chunk out of their traffic, Demand Media on Tuesday announced the renewal of their global advertising initiative with the search giant.

Under terms of the three year agreement Google will monetize Demand Media’s properties with premium content inventory, while Demand Media will provide content for new, brand-safe channels launching within the Google Display Network Reserve, a product that allows advertisers to guarantee impressions across bundled, premium inventory.

According to Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt (pictured above):

“Google has been and continues to be an important partner to Demand Media. Combining our ability to create compelling, advertiser-friendly content that consumers desire with Google’s best-in-class solutions for the online advertising ecosystem, this deal marks a significant evolution of the relationship between our two companies,”

Rosenblatt goes on to add:

“Given the expansiveness and international scope of this deal, we are enthusiastic about the impact this will have on Demand Media and Google’s worldwide audiences of consumers, advertisers and agencies.”

Under terms of the agreement the following initiatives will be undertaken by Demand Media and Google:

  • Display advertising: Expanded reach based on the company’s former agreement. Will incude AdSense for Content and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Premium ad Serving: Demand Media ads will be managed and served through the DoubleClick for Publishers platform
  • Demand Media’s properties will be included in premium, brand-safe channels within Google Display Network Reserve.