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Demand Media Acquires RSS Graffiti, IndieClick


Demand Media has been busy in the acquisitions space today with two new additions to its lineup: RSS Graffiti and IndieClick.

RSS Graffiti is a Los Angeles-based developer of social media products, with its main product being a free Facebook application that allows publishers to program their Facebook pages with content from websites, blogs and other platforms.

Indieclick is a niche online advertising company that provides ads to around 200 sites within the comedy/humor, entertainment, film, music, lifestyle, and fashion new media space.

“RSS Graffiti is already a vital link between publishers and their audiences on Facebook. With the help of RSS Graffiti’s skilled engineering team, we intend to rapidly add new features that will make this useful product even more valuable to publishers and brands,” said Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt. “As a cornerstone of our social publishing strategy, RSS Graffiti enables us to partner with a large and growing number of Facebook publishers.”

Terms of the deals were not disclosed.