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AOL Chooses Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange For AOL Ad Inventory Control

Yahoo Right Media

Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange has been selected as the program of choice for serving AOL ad inventory. The announcement follows the company’s Q4 2011 partnership with Yahoo.

According to Yahoo:

The inventory AOL makes available under the display advertising agreement will be surfaced through the Right Media Exchange across the US and Canada. The overall agreement aims to improve the process of buying and selling premium online display inventory in the non-reserved space.

 Yahoo has built Right Media as a means to drive maximum performance from brand campaigns while offering buyers and sellers access to real-time reporting through a private marketplace setup.
Speaking about the company’s decision Brian Silver, Yahoo! VP, Ad Platforms for the Americas revealed:
“Advertising.com has been a long-standing seat holder on the Right Media Exchange, having utilized the Right Media Exchange’s RTB capabilities since 2009. Now, with the addition of inventory from AOL sites, we look forward to AOL continuing to drive yield through their existing advertisers while connecting them with the exchange’s premium advertisers for maximizing yield while delivering on our mutual objectives. Silver adds, “AOL’s selection validates Right Media’s commitment to building a premium marketplace on a global scale.”
Advertising.com Senior Vice President says of the partnership:
“We have had a long term partnership with Yahoo and Right Media, and are excited to continue this partnership through this agreement. The agreement provides for Advertising.com to continue to access AOL inventory for our existing advertisers while providing increased competition through additional demand sources.”
Do you think AOL made the right choice is choosing Yahoo! Right Media Exchange.