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National Enquirer to Launch App, ‘Reinvent’ Gossip

national enquirer ipad app

For a publication basically synonymous with ‘spurious tales,’ the National Enquirer has still fared well into the digital era of media.

The upcoming app is planned for iPad, and is called “Enquirer Plus.” David J. Pecker, chairman and chief executive of American Media said the app is planned to capture a younger, hipper group of weird news and celebrity gossip fans:

“As the celebrity market is changing, we thought, how can we take advantage of an established brand that can transcend a digital platform but also be cool? This is not your mother’s Enquirer.”

American Media also publishes Shape, OK! and Star– which has a bit of strong web traffic- so Enquirer is an interesting choice to dip one’s toe in the app arena. But it’s not the company’s only iron in the digital fire- the NYT reports:

The success of new digital revenue streams is a critical part of the company’s future. In addition to the Enquirer app, this year American Media will open a 24-hour celebrity news and health and wellness YouTube channel tied to its 15 magazines. Two weeks ago it introduced an e-commerce store that sells nutritional supplements and other products related to its Flex, Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines.

It even appears American Media is taking somewhat of a Domino’s Pizza approach to marketing Enquirer Plus, with the company’s EVP telling the Times that the app is perfect for “anyone who’s ever been self-conscious about buying The Enquirer in the checkout line,” adding that readers “don’t have to hide it under the Oreos and slide it through.” Enquirer Plus will be a subscription based app, at 99 cents weekly or $2.99 for the month.