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Huffington Post Announces Good News Channel

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Well, this all looks a bit froofy from leading purveyor of side-boob pics, Arianna Huffington.

The exotically accented blogging magnate has been busting out verticals left and right for her content churning machine, HuffPo. The site has been working hard at extending the blog’s tentacles into hyperlocal markets as well as different demographics, such as with the soon-to-be-renamed Parentlode vertical and Black Voices. Now Huffington has announced that her outfit is moving into the “feel good” vertical with a new section called “Huffington Post Good News.”

If it sounds like it may be a bit of a hard sell, that’s probably because sensationalized and borderline horrific links sell- it seems the web responds to a horror story way more than it does something that’s just touching or sweet. But Huffington thinks the vertical has potential, and she says in a post announcing it:

Everywhere around the country, people and communities are doing amazing things, overcoming great odds, and facing real challenges with perseverance, creativity and grace… These stories of real people and their countless acts of empathy and ingenuity are overshadowed not only by actual crises — and sadly, there are plenty — but, more often, by the various manufactured crises sucking up precious media oxygen, from the deadline-pushing theatrics of debt ceiling debates and government shutdowns to the Balloon Boys, Casey Anthonys and Koran-burning pastors of the world. The excuse often given by the media is that these stories are “what the public wants.” Well, we don’t believe that, and HuffPost Good News will be our answer, and challenge, to that cynicism.

It’s true- the vertical could hit it big among aunties who like to send 96 email forwards a day about how Tim Tebow was personally saved from an abortionist by Jesus. Do you think HuffPo’s Good News channel will be a hit?