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Showtime Anytime Arrives On iPad For Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse Customers

Showtime Anytime App For iPad Devices

The team at Showtime on Tuesday announced the arrival of Showtime Anytime, an iPad application that allows Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse customers to watch hundreds of Showtime TV shows and Movies for no additional charge.

The program is meant to compete directly with HBO GO and MAX GO programs which also allow users to watch TV shows and movies directly from inside their iPad devices.

Speaking about the new offering Tom Christie, Showtime’s executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing, told the NYTimes:

“We took a look at what they did [HBO and Cinemax], and we took a look at what else was happening in the space that is frequently called ‘TV Everywhere,’ ” Mr. Christie said. “We took our time to be careful and put together the best product that we could.”

Customers are required to log into the new app using their cable provider account, typically within the customers home, ensuring that passwords and user accounts are not shared and users do not figure out ways to provide free access to friends and family.

In the meantime Showtime has promised that the Showtime Anytime application will arrive at other providers including Comcast in the near future.

Do you plan to take advantage of Showtime Anytime for your iPad?