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Is Pinterest Signaling a Curation Trend in Social Media?

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Are you using Pinterest yet?

It’s only the best thing in the history of internet everything. That could be a bit of hyperbole, but as an early user of the less-hyped and pretty much now dead Wists, and later adopter of Wanelo, I’m totally in the demographic that would steadily use something like Pinterest. And despite having nearly-identical services precede it, Pinterest seems to be everywhere right now.

CNet is talking about it. GigaOm is talking about it. Perhaps it’s because of the Facebook integration, which has not been as smooth for other services. Or the slick interface, which seems to run a bit more predictably than similar social bookmarking services. But it appears that for whatever reason, the circumstances are fortuitously in-line for a more social media-savvy user (that didn’t exist when Wists was introduced) to blend the service into their daily Facebook-Tumblr-Twitter rotation.

It seems to be working- judging by the small scope of my circle on the aforementioned services, the service has really gotten a visibly snowballing stride going on the networks, and educated guesses would suggest that as users turn more toward presenting information than thoughts, that will only increase. The demographic- 58% of users are female, and 59% are between the ages of 25 and 44- is a desirable one for the web, and usage will likely skyrocket once Pinterest is out of invite-only beta.

Have you given Pinterest a spin yet? What are your thoughts on the service?