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Yahoo Two-Step Authentication Finally A Reality

Yahoo Email Verification Two Step Process

In an attempt to sully the attempts of email hackers Yahoo on Tuesday finally rolled out two-step authentication for better password control.

Under the company’s new methodology if a device is not recognized as a typical login option the platform asks users to answer a security question before they can continue. If users would prefer they can also choose to have a code sent to their mobile phone via text message.

Under the company’s new two-step authentication a mobile number is mandatory if a user wants to use the service and their mobile number must be confirmed via a code sent by Yahoo in SMS format.

As InfoBoom points out:

“This two-step authentication only activates when it doesn’t recognize the device. If a hacker somehow gains access to a corporate computer or an employee’s personal device, it won’t matter. Though this isn’t particularly likely, it proves email providers still have a lot of room to grow before IT pros won’t have to worry about even the littlest things like email on a daily basis.”

Will you be implementing the new Yahoo two-step authentication process?