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Playboy Partners Up With Largest Online Adult-Content Distributor Manwin

After a decades-long reign over mainstream adult content, Playboy‘s massive empire was hit hard by the free and open exchange of pornographic material over the internet.

Since its inception in the 1950’s, the magazine was the most notable and common name in the porn biz, until ready-to-be-streamed content began cutting into its market dominance. In recent years, Playboy has relied largely on licensing to make up revenues lost to online porn, but a news release late last week indicates the company is most likely looking to utilize its still-prestigious moniker to pair up with a purveyor of web smut.

Late last week, Playboy Enterprises Inc. and Manwin- an online porn giant that kind of sounds like a sexual enhancement cream- announced a nebulous and forthcoming joint venture expected to bring more Playboy branded content to the internet. Fabian Thylmann, managing partner of Manwin, owner of many “tubes,” and recently dubbed “likely the biggest porn tycoon on the planet” had this to say in the press release:

There is no doubt that Playboy Enterprises has created a brand that is the epitome of sexy, fun indulgence. Manwin will help this prestigious name capture both TV and the digital age in the spirit in which it was created. Manwin’s scale and expertise will catapult the brand in a way that will benefit all our partners, as well as Playboy fans.”

Exactly how that will play out, however, remains to be seen. When pressed for additional details, a spokesman for Playboy Enterprises would only say:

“Additional terms of the relationship with Manwin may be made available at closing, which should be prior to year-end.”

Under known terms of the deal, TV content will not be affected.