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Facebook Dominates 1 of Every 7 Online Minutes


You’d have to be under a pretty big rock not to know Facebook dominates much of the social web experience, a hub for communications, socializing, self-promotion, gaming and pretty much every other web activity you can imagine.

But a new report comScore detailing Facebook’s dominance is still impressive, noting that the social network accounts for a stunning one in every seven minutes users spend on the web. And if that’s not impressive alone, the site gobbles up three of every four minutes internet users spend on social networks overall.

The report, titled “It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It’s Headed,” measures Facebook’s massive global reach, and contrasts it against competing social networks as well as charting regional penetration. Also examined were microblogging as a “disruptive” force in social networking, as well as increasing adoption of regular social networking by the over-55 set.

In the report, comScore CMO and EVP of global development Linda Boland said:

“The emergence and widespread global adoption of social networks has vastly influenced human interaction on an individual, community and larger societal level, and underscores the convergence of the online and offline worlds… Regardless of geography, social networks are weaving themselves ever more intricately into the fabric of the digital experience, opening a world of new opportunity for business and technology.”

comScore’s more in-depth report can be found here.