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Apple Fined $1.2M in Italy Over Applecare Requirement

applecare fine

It may be chump change to Apple, but the company was sanctioned in Italy to the tune of $1.2 million dollars after it was determined that Apple’s policies violated consumer protection laws in the country.

As a happy Apple owner myself, I will readily say Applecare is total bollocks- if I buy a product from you and it fails, fix it if it hasn’t been very long, damnit. Apparently, Italy’s Antitrust Authority agrees, and further alleges that the company failed to inform consumers of a statutory right to two years of technical support within the jurisdiction. Instead, Apple users in Italy were offered a year of service, and instructed to purchase horrifically overpriced Applecare plans to cover their electronics for the second year of ownership violating Italian law.

The fine, applied to Apple Italia, Apple Sales International and Apple Retail Italia, worked out to 900,000 Euros- 400,000 for misleading customers, and an additional 500,000 for urging customers to purchase the pricy Applecare plans. Apple has not commented on the fine.