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Spotify Asks Users To Create “Best Of” Playlist For 2011

Spotify Best Of 2011 Song List

2011 has been a big year for Spotify, first the company launched in the United States with hundreds of thousands of paying members, then they announced a major partnership with Facebook which brings the service to 800 million user accounts and now they want to celebrate by having their massive fan base help pick the best songs of 2011.

On the Spotify blog they wrote:

This year has been a very musical one. New artists, great new album releases, amazing covers, surprising comebacks and plenty or surprises.

And you guys were there to listen to all of that! We’ll be showing you very soon which ones were the most popular tracks of the year 2011 on Spotify in each country. But before we’d like to make a playlist that includes your favourite tracks os this year.

Which one was the track that marked 2011 for you? Drag and drop the URL in the box below and in a few days we’ll post the playlist created by all of you!

You can participate in the playlist creation by visiting: Spotify.com

In the meantime feel free to share your favorite Spotify discoveries using our comments section below.