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Chicago Sun-Times is Now Thinking With Portals

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An announcement earlier this month that the Chicago Sun-Times is joining the ever-growing number of major regional papers employing the New York Times paywall structure has been followed up by an announcement that the broadsheet is building out its web presence with enhanced “portals,” or verticals.

In an interview with Crain‘s, new Chicago Sun-Times CEO Timothy Knight said that the web strategy’s aim was to bring specialized content to readers on the paper’s site, in-depth. Knight explained:

“We want to use technology to create, disseminate and present content to people… We want the content to be highly relevant to (subscribers). We want it to be extremely customer-focused.”

Knight said that the company that purchased the paper, Wrapports, would be backing the content ramp-up, adding:

“We’ll make investments through Wrapports to find different ways to create content.”

When asked about whether the changes included staff cuts, Knight admitted it was early in the game to address cutbacks.