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Rhapsody Reaches One Million Paying Subscribers Milestone


Rhapsody on Friday announced that the music streaming platform has surpassed the one million paying subscribers milestone on the heels of its 10-year anniversary.

The company also announced that they are now delivering more than 10 million songs to subscribers on a daily basis.

Rhapsody President Jon Irwin said of the milestone:

“We’ve accomplished quite a bit over the past decade, so it’s no small statement to say that 2011 was probably our biggest year yet,” and “I told our team that when we topped one million paid subscribers, I’d shave my head… it was probably the best free haircut I’ve ever had.”

The Rhapsody service has been helped along with the programs inclusion on more than 60 devices including iOS, Android and PC based offerings.

The company also announced that 2011 is the first year that a majority of their playback (40%) came from devices other than PC based gadgets.

As part of its overall strategy Rhapsody has also partnered with wireless carrier MetroPCS to bring the service to their unlimited text and data plans with hopes of extending their mobile reach to other carriers.

Speaking about the future of the Rhapsody system Irwin said:

“The next frontiers for subscription music are the living room and the car,” and “Consumers will be able to enjoy Rhapsody from even more connected audio and video systems, as well as other platforms and distribution channels—at home, in the car and everywhere in-between, domestically and abroad. This has been an incredible year, marked by several notable achievements, and we’re entering 2012 with big plans to bring music to even more people, in more places.”

Are you a fan of the Rhapsody system? Which one of their platforms do you use on a regular basis?