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Reddit Finds Adoptee’s Birth Family in Less Than a Day

reddit finds birth mom

Via Gawker comes this Christmas miracle manifested by Reddit.

A Redditor turned to the site with a heart-rending request- asking the site to find his birth family for him. And- as seems to frequently be the case with the site- Reddit delivered in less than five hours. -steezy_wunda_bred posted to r/Denver seeking assistance in locating his biological parents, saying:

So I’m looking for my birth family after nearly 24 years. My birthday is coming up this Tuesday and it always reminds me of my past, so I figured I’d do something about it… I refuse to pay to find them because I believe I have enough resources at my disposal that I should be able to at least get some information without putting myself in the hole… I also have too much pride because I believe its my right to know about myself and my history. I don’t think anyone should be able to hold personal information over my head.

User syllabelle (who OP dubs an “atheist’s angel”) responds, not only locating the young man’s parents, but also his sister’s Model Mayhem profile. (Which is ever so slightly squicky.) OP has been somewhat tight-lipped out of concern for his family’s privacy- his account is no longer linked with the post- but one of his most recent comments kind of sums up the power of Reddit:

Upvote for changing my life.