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Reddit Calls For GoDaddy Mass Exodus Dec. 29th in SOPA Protest, Cheezburger Network Throws Down

godaddy SOPA

If you’ve never had to use suckiest webhost of all time- GoDaddy- it’s difficult to describe the extent to which the service blows entirely.

It seems a far-below-average user experience isn’t turning users off as quickly as GoDaddy would like, however, because the company has broken ranks with most of the tech world, professing support for the potentially devastating Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in an editorial on the blog Politico. The move was obviously not without some backlash, and prominent entrepreneur Ben Huh- the guy who basically gets a nickel every time you laugh at a captioned cat or fail- tweeted to the web host’s Twitter account a threat and call to action. (Above.)

Aside from Huh, another big force on the web has come out against GoDaddy’s SOPA support- Reddit. The network with a notable activist presence and considerable power to affect change (they arguably spurred on the Rally to Restore Fear and/or Sanity, hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) has taken up arms against GoDaddy, urging an exodus from the site on December 29th. A thread urging the switch has garnered more than 35,000 upvotes- although there are considerable number of downvotes as well.

GoDaddy hasn’t addressed the outcry as of yet, but if the way their service works is any indication, they’ll be in no great hurry to appease users. Are you planning to abandon GoDaddy should they continue supporting SOPA?